Träumen erlaubt – Koroni

I fell in love 😍 with the city of Koroni 🇬🇷

One day I will live in a peaceful neighborhood by the 🌊 sea..

My place will hold lots of space for both, families and friends. Over my own olive groves , plenty of bougainvilleas, oleanders and 🌺 hibiscus, I will be able to see the ocean 🌊 from almost every single window. I will focus on my lyrics and create a blog about Mediterranean cuisine .

Whenever I feel like it, I walk down to the beach 🏝, have a bath 🛀 in the blue water and relax in the sun ☀️

In the evenings I will stroll 🚶‍♀️ through picturesque alleys to the port enjoying small talk with the locals along with some fresh fish 🐟 and a glass of excellent wine 🍷. Sunday mornings I will visit the market and sit down for a Greek coffee ☕️ and perhaps an ouzo once in a while.

The good life is the simple life ❤️

Autor: annaunschlagbar

Well, I guess it's not in the 10 commandments that old women cant climb up trees.

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