Gedanken bloß – just thoughts – Part II

I am in desperate tears
full of fears
no one in that damn universe
my love deserves
move on like always
still hope for the moment
when it all begins
counting days until love wins
waiting for freedom
past is gone
soul and spirit become one
the battle is won
finally finding peace
what a perfect release
forever sheltered retreat

Oktober 2017

no more expectations
here comes reality
no romatic occasions
because of lack of abililty
love comes in different ways
not everybody is ready to even know
but anyway maybe there’ll be days
when you’re all able to show

Oktober 2016

I wish for the day
not only hoping to see stars shining
but really feeling them
without denying
to end my desperate rhyming

Oktober 2016

different characters but they do get along
they don’t even question
there is no wrong
they follow their own path
accepting each other
no need for math
if just the world would learn and accept
instead of worrying and remaining in depth
we could live peaceful in harmony
whishing the whole world would agree

Februar 2017

there is that moment in life
front row pool position
that feeling you completed your mission
all others still fighting their race
but you keep calm enjoying that lovely place
completely satisfied by the moment
in deep trust it will never end

Juni 2017

I’m more of the giving person
althoug knowing to not expect the same of others
it teaches me a lesson
stop giving and others will realize it bothers
when there is nothing they get in return
they can deal with it for quite some time
but it won’t take long until their heart will burn
and it’ll all come to a rhyme
life is not worth living to act on your own
only together we will wear the crown
enjoy life to the fullest
make sure you care for each other to the deepest

August 2017

Autor: annaunschlagbar

Well, I guess it's not in the 10 commandments that old women cant climb up trees.

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